Product Updates

Updates for the 1/18th Scale Airwolf Helicopter

The Kickstarter is LIVE!!


The Concept:

Update 7/31/21 First Prototype pictures of the actual model:

Update 8/2/21

Update 8/3/21

Update 8/4/21

Update 8/5/21

Re-designed the Interior to be as accurate as possible within the constraints of the toy.

Tail is now a single piece to eliminate seams for ease of manufacture and construction

Update: 8/6/21

Pilot and Co-pilot seats are forward/rear adjustable for 3-3/4 OG or 4″ Modern Figures

* Rear seat fully able to position and turn anywhere in rear cockpit

* Detailed Engine is now FULLY removable and locks back into place.

* Sequential retractable landing gear worked out (Pitot tube is the actuator)

Update: 8/8/21

V2 Cockpit printed and decals applied!

Vintage and Modern sized Joe’s fit!

Update 8/10/21

Redesigned the front cockpit control panel

Update 8/16/21

Redesigned the landing gear system and V3 prototype is currently in the paint booth for color testing!

  • Box design worked out for Kickstarter. Pre-orders will receive a box free of charge if the Kickstarter becomes funded!
  • We have a helmet design!!
  • We have a line of a FULL 4 member crew!! Details coming soon.

Quick & dirty video of features. Will be putting together a higher quality vid soon.

Update 8/23/21 First color test shots are here!

Update 8/24/21

The build is progressing to the point that it’s time to bust out the liquid resin printer and upgrade some of the details!

  • New Tires & Rimz…. Spinna’z will come later 😉
  • Detailed Helmets (3 included with every Airwolf)
  • New details added to Rear Cockpit
  • Official Iguana (1 included with every Airwolf)

1st prototype body for Archangel has arrived…

Update: 8/26/21

Prototype #2 for Bodies and Heads coming along!

Update 8/27/21

Canopy windows are complete

Update 8/28/21

The Kickstarter is LIVE!

Update 9/07/21

New Prototype completed testing new materials and manufacturing processes

Update 9/24/21

RetroBlasting reviews the Materials test Prototype!